Land Planning

We provide Land Planning design services for mixed use developments as well as for schools, commercial parks, office complexes, residential developments, retail outlets, hotels, health care facilities, lifestyle centers, recreation planning, park maintenance plans, and revitalization and redevelopment of existing facilities.

Engineering data and supporting studies on existing and proposed land uses, pedestrian and vehicular traffic, and public facility requirements are the raw materials used by the land design team of planners and landscape architects of Ben Dyer Associates Inc. The work of the Survey, Engineering, and Land Planning Departments is brought together in an alliance of professional services.

Landscape Inspection (35)

Landscape architecture is a comprehensive profession utilizing artistry, diversification, and cost effectiveness while maintaining the natural environment, reflecting the project theme, and coinciding with all aspects of the site. Landscape architects must have a working knowledge of architecture, civil engineering and urban planning in order to combine practical and aesthetic elements into a cost-effective design for the client.

Our landscape architecture services range from the decision-making process of building location selection depending on the grading, stormwater plans and other construction aspects, to the attractiveness and utilization of the environmental features, to add value to the development.